Understanding your business and how what we do can help you is one of the most important aspects of our job. For instance, a restaurant’s needs will be different than an attorney’s needs. While we have simplified our plans as much as possible so you can visualize what we do, there really is so much more involved in this process. The setup fee allows us to custom design an email marketing plan for your business, and then take the initial steps to make the plan functional. First, we must discuss your business with you to determine your needs and goals. From there we will make a more in depth plan for you based on the information given to us. Then, we will put the piece into place and begin implementing that plan.

While we do offer a month-to-month payment plan, please keep in mind, most businesses will not see any significant returns from email marketing for at least 90-180 days. Therefore, if you budget allows, we highly recommend the yearly plan, so you can really take advantage of the full benefits of email marketing. If you are apprehensive, or just don’t have the cash up front, we do understand and are more than will to help you on a month-to-month basis. Please know, these plan fees do not include extra costs which may need to be incurred, such as email lists, collateral, or any third party costs. We will not start any project which would include extra costs without first discussing it with you. There will be no hidden fees added to your balance. Everything will be clearly explained to you and only implemented upon your approval.

*Monthly email contact fees: 0-1,000 contacts $50; 1,001-5,000 contacts $90; 5,001-15,000 contacts $175; 15,001+ call for info

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